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Four lessons on paired texts: biblical and modern texts to explore values of dignity, solidarity and leadership of women and explicitly apply present day problems. Ideally used for grades 4-10 but could be modified for any school age group. (Texts include: "Aint I A Woman," Ruth Chapter 1, Nina Simone's "I Wish I Knew")


Learning Objectives: 

  • Kiddos and families will identify the equal worth, voice, gifting and convictions of women/femmes.
  • Kiddos and families will explore the benefits of gender solidarity.
  • Kiddos and families will analyze strengths and weakness in the ways their current communities honor or don’t honor women.
  • Kiddos and families will compare the relationships and experience of biblical women with modern day experiences of women
  • Kiddos and families will develop new lifestyle habits and commitments to materially and consistently build a world that honors, provides and listens to women.

Women's History Month: Lesson Bundle

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